Jenny & François

“We present the wines of small vineyards in this competitive worldwide market, in order to defend an endangered species — winemakers who work like artisans, crafting a different wine each year. They do not impose a preconceived taste on their wines, but look to be surprised by what nature gives them — natural wines.

“Natural wines are low-tech or no-tech. These are handmade wines in the truest sense from a group of passionate winemakers that go one step further than organic and biodynamic producers by using organic methods in the cellar as well as in the vineyard — meaning no laboratory yeasts, enzymes, sugar, artificial concentrators, acidification, or sulfites are added during fermentation, and the wines are aged and bottled without stabilizers, or excessive filtering or sulfites.

Equally important, these grower-producers take special care to reduce yields, handpick the grapes, avoid pumps or other rough treatment of their harvest, and plow the earth between the vines, which forces the roots to dive down deep in a thirsty search for terroir.

“Natural wines, pure wines, real wines, wines from the terroir, complex wines, wines for thirst!” Jenny Lefcourt

More about Natural Wines Here.

Jenny & François Selections

Austria – Burgenland

Alexander and Maria Koppitsch

Christian Tschida

Gut Oggau

Austria – Carnuntum


Austria – Styria

Franz Strohmeier

Czech Republic – Moravia

Milan Nestarec

Slovak Republic


France – Beaujolais

Rémi Dufaitre

France – Burgundy

Domain Oudin

Vini Viti Vinci

France – Cahors

Clos Siguier

France – Languedoc

Domaine Deux Ânes

La Patience

Domaine Rimbert

France – Loire Valley

La Grange Tiphaine


Italy – Tuscany


Spain – Penèdes

Cellers-de-Can-Suriol (Azimut)

Spain – Rioja

Bodegas Lacus Inédito

Spain – Valencia