Elixir Wine Group

“We have been importing fine wines from Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay for two decades. In 2012, we began extending this reputation by building a select portfolio from Oregon, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. In 2018, we started importing Australian wines. Elixir is proud to represent wines from some of the finest family-owned producers in the world.

“Our dedication to wines from these regions extends beyond importing and representing artisan producers nationally in the United States. We also own and operate Bodega Calle winery in Luján de Cuyo, Argentina; an historic estate established in 1925 that Kirk Ermisch and his original Argentine partners, restored to full operation in 2001, as an award winning producer of Reserva level varietal wines and organically-farmed natural wines under his Dharma initiative, wink.

“Ermisch also produces several wines at the winery in Bend including Ermisch Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir, Walla Walla Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay from Willamette Valley which are Live Certified. Ermisch travels to Argentina for part of each year to oversee harvest operations at Bodega Calle and to keep in contact with all our suppliers in South America. He also travels to Europe each year with the same purpose. In this way, we continue to bring the best wines to our wholesale partners and customers throughout the United States.” C. Kirk Ermisch

Elixir Wine Group


Bodega Calle

Carmelo Patti

Familia Durigutti

Fincas Don Martino

Matias Riccitelli

Viña Amalia


Elqui Wines

Fitz Roy


France – Beaujolais

Jean Sambardier

France – Bordeaux

Château Val Beylie

France – Limoux

Antech Estate

France – Rhône Valley

Domaine La Lôyane

Italy – Veneto

Guerrieri Rizzardi

Mexico – Baja California

Villa Montefiori

Spain – Rioja Alavesa

Fernández Gómez

USA – Oregon

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